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If I purchase the 6-Week Plan, can I download all the recipes or is it available for longer than 6 weeks?

Yes. You can download all the recipes if needed. After 6 weeks, you can subscribe to the platform for either £8 a month or £88 a year to access new exclusive recipes and content uploaded regularly.

I am a vegetarian / pescatrian and don’t eat a lot of meat. Is the plan suitable for me?

Yes. The plan does have recipes that include good quality animal products, and the food lists are anti-inflammatory and flexible. The plan could also be beneficial for vegetarians / pescatarian to use as a way of focusing on more low-inflammation & gut-friendly foods. Furthermore, if you are considering re-introducing animal products into your diet, this guide will help you.

I am strictly vegan and do not eat any animal products. Is the plan suitable for me?

You can use the plan as a guideline to improve your gut flora and chronic inflammation. Some plant-based eaters suffer from IBS, low energy levels and brain fog. The plan can be used as an educational platform to understand the benefits of the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle. If you are considering re-introducing animal products into your diet, this guide will help you.

Do I need to cook on the plan?

Not necessarily. As long as you stick to the food lists, you can eat anywhere. It doesn’t matter if the food you eat is not 100% compliant with the food lists. The plan is based on an 80/20 rule. The Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle is not about perfection but about damage limitation. 

I have health issues you do not mention, is the plan suitable for me?

Most non-communicable / non-transmissible diseases are linked to high levels of chronic inflammation. 

Auto-immune issues, cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, depression, PCOS, Crohn’s, psoriasis, Hashimoto’s, Graves’ disease, eczema, diverticulitis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, anxiety and more are linked to chronic inflammation. 

If what you are suffering from is linked to inflammation, the plan can support you. The plan is not a substitute for medication and you should always follow your doctor’s advice.

Can you do the plan when egg free?

Yes. You do not have to eat eggs while on the 6-Week Plan, and there are other protein based breakfast options. For all recipes containing eggs,  you can replace them with flax eggs (1 tbsp of milled flax seeds mixed with 5 tbsp of water, one for each egg. Let it sit for 15 minutes and use each one for each egg in the baking recipes).

Is the plan suitable for men?

Yes. Inflammation and gut health affects both men and women. Moreover many men gain fat and experience infertility due to oestrogen mimicking substances around us and in the food we consume. The plan helps with such issues and allows both men and women to lower inflammation and achieve better body composition.  

Does the 6-Week Plan support healthy weight loss?

Yes. The 6-Week Plan supports liver function and hormone regulation which helps boost metabolism and creates healthy weight loss which lasts. A healthy liver function is crucial for weight loss as it regulates hormones. The plan also help stabilise insulin levels which supports energy levels and curbing cravings. Finally, a healthy gut is key for sustainable weight-loss. The plan’s number one focus is gut health.

Does the plan support healthy weight gain?

Yes. If you are having poor absorption and digestion, preventing you from gaining healthy weight, the plan can help you. Improving your digestive system and gut flora can help you absorb the food you are eating and gain healthy weight. Make sure to add regular snacks from the allowed food lists in order to help you gain healthy weight.

I don’t have Facebook, can I still do the plan?

Yes. The plan on its own is sufficient. The private 6-week plan Facebook is an extra support tool for those who want motivation, to engage within a community and share success stories. It is quick and free to create a Facebook account for that purpose.

Can I purchase the plan and start it at a later time or do I have to start immediately?

Yes. You can start the plan whenever you would like, just be sure to save the weekly emails. After 7 weeks, all you need to do is subscribe for £8/month or £88/year.

Can you eat out while on the plan?

Yes. The plan includes advice on what the best cuisines are and how to order in restaurants. The plan is a lifestyle, not a diet and you do not have to restrict your social life. It is devised for you to carry on living as normal whilst adopting a healthier lifestyle.

I have a nut allergy. What can I use as a substitute in baking recipes?

Gluten-free flour or cassava flour would work best as a substitute for baking recipes which use nuts. The plan isn’t about perfection but rather damage limitation. You do not need to eat nuts to be on the plan.

Is alcohol allowed on the plan?

Yes. Alcohol is allowed from the second week on the plan.

Does the routine change after 6 weeks when the plan comes to an end?

No. The idea is that you create new habits during the duration of the plan and keep living that lifestyle thereafter. You then have the option of keeping the subscription for £88 a year to continue enjoying exclusive content all year round.   

 Can I do the plan while pregnant?

You need to check with your doctor. Provided he agrees, the plan from week 2 onwards should be suitable for pregnancy. In fact, having foods with a lower glycemic index can help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes. Stick to your doctor’s supplements advice. Coffee and alcohol are best to be avoided in pregnancy.

Can I do the plan while breast-feeding?

You need to check with your doctor. Provided he agrees, the plan should be suitable for breastfeeding. Calorie restriction can impact milk supply so make sure to eat quantities according to your needs. Follow your doctor’s advice for the supplements. Regarding the exercise part, it is advised to not exercise postpartum until your doctor allows you to do so.

Can the plan help improve fertility?

The plan can help regulate hormones which can improve fertility. The plan can help getting rid of toxins which can support fertility and liver function, a key component of hormone regulation. Last but not least, high levels of chronic inflammation are linked to miscarriage.

Can the plan be helpful when doing IVF?

IVF imbalances hormones and the plan can help with hormonal health as well as lowering chronic inflammation. High levels of chronic inflammation are linked to miscarriage.

Do I need to cook different meals for the people living with me?

The plan is not a diet but a lifestyle so it is designed to be children and family friendly. They people living with you will enjoy the recipes too!

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