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6-week plan for 7 weeks + 12 months membership after 7 weeks

“I lost 8Kg on it and 8 months later still going strong and no more tummy pains for me! Not to mention I have a flat tummy too. So you are my hero Yalda.”

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“Yalda, I have to tell you that my brother who is a doctor himself living in New York with access to all the latest medical breakthrough and technology was able to get his diverticulitis bouts under control because he started following your anti-inflammatory diet! Thank You” — Aline

“I am so so so grateful that the plan is easing symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis”

“I have IBS and really struggled for the last year with the pain. My doctor could not help me, all that I got was that it is not something that can be fixed. […] After I tried your 6-week plan, my IBS is under control, I feel happier, lighter, and have more energy!”

“I purchased the 6WP to install balance in my health as I was falling into depression and struggling with insomnia. The 6WP plan has helped me to incorporate healthy carbs for the evening which I was omitting from my diet. Following the plan and eating healthy carbs in the evening, practicing mindful meditation has helped me to sleep better, feel more energetic during the day, and lose 2.5 kg in 3 weeks! Amazing!”

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