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what doctors say

“Keep up the good work”

“I am a physician, I live in New York. I had been suffering since the age of 30 with recurrent bouts of colonic diverticulitis. Every time requiring a course of harsh antibiotics for 10 days. It is usually a disease of the elderly, but we have been seeing it in younger and younger patients, which is probably related to the awful things we eat and our bad lifestyles. […] My sister had found you and heard your story on Instagram. She told me to check you out. I did and it was a turning point. […] I downloaded your two week plan and started following it. I basically changed my diet 180 degrees. I used to avoid nuts and seeds thinking they can cause the diverticulitis, but I trusted your judgement. It was hard at first not eating bread and grains. I had to do a lot of research online to find foods with no grains and no refined sugars but with a little hard work and a lot of will power I got myself into a routine. I also tried to be more active at work. I got an under desk bike and a stand-up desk which helped too. I have been diverticulitis free for almost two years now. I have been through many stressful situations where I surely thought I will get a bout of it as I did in the past, but I have not. I am truly grateful for your guidance. I am a believer now that many of our problems are related to what we put in our bodies. The gut is the most important organ in the body. It is the window to our health. We are not made to eat refined and processed foods. It doesn’t make sense evolution wise. I always say if we are meant to eat sugar then why did our bodies evolve to have one hormone that lowers sugar “insulin” and multiple hormones to raise it! Thank you again for what you do. Keep up the good work. You are helping out many people I am sure.” – Dr Peter Hobeika

“Evidence-based research”

“I am an anesthesiologist and Ph.D. molecular biologist and I find Yalda’s research evidence-based and there is a lot of science behind her methods, which is why it works for me and my patients. When I looked at the holistic approach Yalda was taking as preventative medicine I decided to try it. Working long hours and with sick patients, I wanted to help increase my immunity and energy levels. I did the 7-day plan and then the 6-week program. Yalda has seriously researched her subject matter and there is a lot of science behind her approach. It is easy to follow and I have changed the way I approach what I put into my body and how I treat myself! Her recipes are East to follow and delicious. I have shared her ideas with my patients who have lost weight increased energy and have fewer aches and pains! I can’t recommend her approach more !” — Dr Natasha Singh

“Evidence-based and detailed oriented research”

“I am a GP and Functional Medicine Physician based in London with a special interest in Reproductive Endocrinology and Mental Health. I have followed Yalda’s work for many years and applied her methods as they pertain to clinical practice with several patients and myself included – this has shown excellent results. From my own experience, my energy levels improved, alongside my migraines and several gut issues. Her research and 6-week plan is evidence-based and very detail orientated. I strongly believe that chronic inflammation is the basis of all non-communicable (chronic diseases) which account for at least 70% of deaths globally. I hope that through working together, and encouraging more physicians to get involved, we may bridge the gap between modern medicine and functional medicine.“ – Dr Zara Jawad

“I feel better at 40 than I did at 30!”

“Personally the plan has helped me so much. I have PCOS and IBS/reflux. […] An added benefit for me is my cystic acne from PCOS just vanished. My 13 yr old [..] acne is clearing up. Same for my grown man brother and his migraines also lessened. […] The bloat is gone, no more popping TUMS and Gas-X and Omeprazole all the time. My tummy is flat for the first time since babies! I feel better at 40 (my birthday is tomorrow) than I did at 30. My hair is shinier, my nails are breaking less. I would also add that I am adapting many of my Pakistani recipes (inspired by yours) and the ingredient list to be EBS compliant. […] I’ve never been a big eater and didn’t join for weight loss. My weight has dropped maybe 2-3 pounds but it seems to have just redistributed to the right place.” – Dr Mehreen Khan

What people say

“I did her 6-week plan in the past but keep coming back for more inspiration. Love it.” — Niti

“The 6-week plan has changed my lifestyle and I lost 12 kgs” — Feriel

I have been on the plan for about 4 months and I have lost 30 lbs as of today!! So happy. — Carol

“This is such an amazing and unique plan in every single aspect: it really re-sets everything if one has had an indulgent weekend, after holidays or special occasions” — Valentine

“You can not get a package like this for less money out there. Yalda actually cares about helping people achieve health and feel better in their daily life.”– Carol

“We have both lost weight which was an added bonus, but more importantly my partner has ulcerative colitis and has been on medication for 10 years, he is now medication free! I have suffered from IBS for years and suffered from severe bloating, all of which is significantly better 🙂 thank you so much for all the support and valuable knowledge, looking forward to carrying on this lifestyle change” — Hannah

“Following the plan, eating healthy carbs in the evening, and practising mindful meditation has helped me sleep better, feel more energetic and lose 2.5 kg in 3 weeks!”

“I’ve been cooking like mad and I’ve lost 5kg on the plan” – Annie

“Thank you for the 6-week plan! My pre-menopausal symptoms have gone and I have lost 4kgs!”

 “Since doing the plan all inflammation I had in my ankle has totally gone after not being able to power walk/run for months!” — Daniella A.

“I’ve lost 6 inches on my body in the 3 weeks since starting the plan and I don’t feel like I’m dieting at all!”

“My Hashimoto symptoms have reduced and I’m seeing better energy levels in only 3 weeks!”

“Feeling great and full of energy on the 6-Week Plan!”

“At first I was hesitant to join the 6-week plan because I have tried so many “diets” before and I fail as soon as I stop. This program is not like that. Yalda teaches a way of living so we can feel good and live our lives to the fullest.”

” Week 6 on the plan, I am so so grateful for your hard work and generous nature to share your research with us, and comply a plan that is so easy to follow and restyle your life!”

“I went for my Hashimoto’s (thyroid nodules) ultrasound and usually my doctor says that everything is ok and not to worry etc… well last week he turned to me and said…. well, the nodules are significantly smaller… what have you done? Oh well, I said, I am on the six-week plan!” — Marianna

“I have been dealing with an autoimmune disease since I was 2 years old. I have also been dealing with gaining weight and trying different diets in my adulthood. The 6-week plan is the best diet that I have tried. I lost 6 lbs, stable weight, calm, sleep better, never hungry and the most important part is my body shows that is less inflamed.”

“I have IBS and really struggled for the last year with the pain. My doctor could not help me, all that I got was that it is not something that can be fixed. After I tried your 6 weeks plan, my IBS is under control, I feel happier, lighter and have more energy! I love your guidance for all aspects of our everyday life and not just food as it really helped me to get through. I read it over and over again and again. Every time I find something new” — Anna

“4 years ago, my husband and I started trying to grow our family. Unfortunately, our journey led us to multiple losses and lots of failed treatments. […] We saw our babies heartbeat for the very first time ♥️ I can’t help but be filled with gratitude that I stumbled upon your Instagram years ago. The journey your knowledge has taken me on is remarkable. I want to thank you for putting in The hard work. The work that makes it easy for all of us to follow and learn from.” — Nicky

“I purchased the plan in October and within 3 weeks of following it, I lost 2.5 kg, my sleep improved, my overall health just improved and my hormones balanced.” — Rahiela

Thank you for creating such an amazing platform. I spoke to my midwife and fine for me to follow the plan when pregnant” — TG

“I love it. taught me so much about eating well and taking care about my gut health. I am able to talk to my children about this too.” – Shabana

“This is my first time being on a plan that felt very helpful.  I tried many other weight loss programs.  I was not successful. I decided to try the 6 week plan, due to getting tired of the way my stomach feels bloated, having heart burn and not feeling well always tired. I am also in a menopause stage of my life.  The plan helped me feel energetic and understand what soothes me.  Hot flashes are better and even my Reiki healer felt my stomach and can not believe how much it improved.  She said my stomach linings are much better. I now understand what to eat and what not to.  Thank you Yalda for this plan.  I have also subscribed to the membership. — Mona

“Since I have been following the plan, my stomach issues and body aches have subsided. Doctors can never explain my body aches, and eating the way Yalda explains, has helped me tremendously.” — Wilma

“I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and arthritis last year and have struggled so much. Antibodies of over 400 and told by a consultant, nutritionist, and others that it will be hard to get the numbers down and if they do reduce, don’t expect more than about 20… I’m just coming to the end of the 6-week plan and guess what.. they have come down by 300!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all you are doing!” — Henny

“The 6-week plan changed my everyday life – it gave me my life back!” — Marianna

” Pure inspiration, thank you.” — Nieves

“This has been such a rewarding experience. All my symptoms have disappeared and I feel great! It’s been 8 weeks since I started the plan and I am really enjoying my new eating lifestyle.” — Tura

“The Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle is simple and very effective. After 6 weeks, I have lost weight, skin is better and I have much more energy. The recipes are easy to follow and delicious. Yalda is very knowledgeable and always available to support you.” — Mari-Carmen

“As I complete my 6 weeks of the EAT BURN SLEEP 6 week-plan, I must say I am thrilled with my results in many different ways. For the past 5 years, I have been on medicine for my underactive thyroid. This past summer I had asked my endocrinologist what my exact numbers were because I was tired of taking a pill every day. She told me my numbers were ok enough to stop my medication, but I needed to be monitored So I did. 6 months passed and it was time to get my overall blood work done for the year – my general practitioner suggested I get tested for autoimmune diseases just to see where my thyroid is at. It turns out upon receiving my results, I have a Hashimoto’s. You then did a spontaneous giveaway and I happen to have won! I truly saw this as a sign that I could get my thyroid and Hashimoto’s under control through nutrition. Therefore, I began my 6-week EAT BURN & SLEEP journey. I must say, I was really into this program since the beginning. I have learned a lot about my body and listening to what my body needs. I began shedding weight almost instantly. I also have thought less about food for example what’s considered « a healthier option » I just make sure I’m eating a protein with veggies (fiber) and it’s satisfying and filling. I have noticed a full decrease in my inflammation such as belly bloat and puffiness in my face. Not to mention I haven’t had so many positive comments about my skin and hair. I am eager to continue this program to really instil this as my lifestyle. I feel amazing on it. And I’m excited to get my bloodwork done again and check my levels in 4 1/2 months from now! Thank you for this plan and for giving us followers tremendously free knowledge. I am beyond thankful for you!” — Emily

“Following Yalda’s low inflammation lifestyle has changed everything for me. My CBCs come back showing no cholesterol issues, I don’t have active arthritis anymore, I rarely have eczema flare ups and I’ve lost almost 40lbs over the past 2 years of following EatBurnSleep. Her advice is science-based, researched well and I love that Yalda is all about not holding people to standards that are unrealistic. She is human and warm and really onto a lifestyle that mitigates the health problems that come with inflammatory habits” — Jill

“Love the recipes, mental health, and exercise suggestions! I’m using the plan to lose weight in a healthy way and improve all aspects of health. Thank you, Yalda!” – Arlyn

“It’s given me the answers to so many health problems that doctors could never detect. Inflammation was the reason behind all of it. And yalda’s anti inflammatory life style has helped solve the puzzle! And I’m so grateful for it!” – Aysha

“I love how I feel while on this plan! My energy level and mood are stable all day long. My stomach doesn’t hurt after meals like it used to. Yalda’s recipes are delicious and so easy to follow! This plan is an amazing resource for people who want to take charge of their own well-being and live a healthier, better version of themselves.” – Madeline

“I have lost 4 kilos so far following the 6WP guidelines 80% of the time. I love that it is not a diet but a lifestyle.” – Zaina

“I have been vegan for 5 years and over the time I had developed a very severe bloating and digestive irregularities. I found Yalda’s instagram last year and in June I purchased the 7 day plan. It was then when I decided to go back eating animal products and follow the eat burn sleep lifestyle. And for the first time in years the bloating started to go away. Needless to say that I now follow the 6 week plan and thanks to it I finally feel better.” – Tatiana

“I am on my sixth week now. First things i noticed was healthier gums (no occasional bleeding), my rhinitis stopped ( i usually felt a burning sensation in my nose). I lost 4 kilos in extra weight i had. I am happy to have discovered this lifestyle. I thank you Yalda for sharing your knowledge and continuous research and helping us all improve our lives.” – Shireen

“I joined your group in February 2020, of course, after watching and following you for a few months. I can say it was the BEST decision I have ever made… I was a vegan 8 years ago but slowly had transitioned to fish, but only eating it maybe 1 x a week. So most of my food was still grains and legumes etc… after not feeling my best for a few years, losing hair, and slowly gaining weight, I finally joined your EBS program and transitioned myself into eating meat. I didn’t have any stomach problems at all. I have now lost almost 20 lbs (137 lbs) and have never felt better. No bloating and hair are slowly growing back… I don’t think I will ever fall off this wagon as EBS lifestyle is the best thing I have found. Thanks, Yalda for everything…” – Maryam

“This is the best investment in my health (and my partner’s health) that I have ever made and I recommend the 6WP to everyone! If you’re thinking about it, take the plunge – we have seen so many benefits including improved energy (and no dips in energy), better sleep, brighter skin (I now understand Yalda’s glow!), we never bloat after meals, we feel hungry only at mealtimes/satisfied between meals, and then for me, I’ve gone from excruciating period pain to almost no pain at all, a recurrent yeast infection has gone, and I feel far less stressed and generally calmer. The first day of dietary changes was hard for me but by day 2, I felt full of energy and have never looked back. We are certain we’ll never return to eating grains and dairy (except for the occasional treat!) and we’re both so happy that we decided to transform our health with Yalda’s help!” – Rachel

“I started the plan in March 2020 and in June I went for a blood test. My cholesterol last year in June 2019 was 247, this year it went down to 233. I was so excited and more motivated. This is the first time for years my cholesterol went down. Usually, my cholesterol will increase every year and I refuse to take medication. I also have a very high family history of stroke, diabetes, and heart attack. I got so tired of other diets and decided to change my lifestyle, nothing worked for me in the past. This plan was the only plan that worked. I feel better and energetic. Thank you Yalda!” – Mona

“I’m on week 3 of the plan and loving it!!! I’m 6 months postpartum and I tried on my jeans that haven’t fit me since I’ve had the baby… and they fit! Best day ever. Can’t wait to continue and see more progress. Thanks so much!” – Danielle

“I had a brain tumor removal surgery and subsequent scar tissue on my brain that causes seizures. I started the plan to try to reduce seizures so this is very helpful! Thank you. Since starting, I have not had any 🙂 thank you! I started a few months ago!” – Elizabeth

“Dear Yalda, I hope you are well. First of all I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful work you are doing. I started in the same field in 2013 in Morocco, Canada (where I grew up) and Spain but most of my work was in Morocco (where I lived for 5 years) and where I organised healthy cooking workshops in partnership with many brands. I also created a monthly box called Nadaya Wellness Box to which people would subscribe and get monthly healthy treats, recipes, healthy advice from specialists, organic cosmetics etc. I had a website and blog called (closed for now) and used to do videos on mind and body connection. Two years ago I got so overwhelmed with everything I was doing that I decided to stop all my food related activities to concentrate on my hypnotherapy practice but something was missing. A few weeks ago, a client of mine (from the time I was doing healthy living therapy sessions) contacted me telling me about your account and how much she missed everything I was doing. I checked your account and my god ! I felt an instant spark. It sort of reminded me of that part of me that I forgot. So with this message I wanted to thank you for something you didn’t know you did. You do inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle but in my case you inspired me to retrieve an important part of myself. I’m resuming my activities in French this time, since I now live in France. From my heart, thank you.” – Nada

“I purchased the plan because of my low energy levels and water retention and acne problems and basically just to lower my inflammation levels. I learnt a lot about inflammation from Yalda and felt that I could improve my health with the 6WP. I experienced cravings in the first 9-10 days, but after that I started to feel amazing. The best thing was that I no longer thought about food all day, bloating basically disappeared from my life and I feel leaner and thinner. However there was a surprising benefit which I never thought about and never actually wanted to act on. My PMS symptoms become so much lighter and much bearable! I guess it had to do with my hormones becoming more balanced. My boyfriend who did not follow the plan intentionally and completely, just ate what I cooked also lost some visible weight and feels better! I intend to follow this lifestyle to further improve my health and keep getting better and better! Yalda’s knowledge is impressive and last but not least she is such a lovely and helpful person! Thank you so much!” – Viki

“Hi, Yalda! Coming back from last summer I really wanted to buy the plan but I couldn’t, I got pregnant! Haven’t been eating well because of the pregnancy so I’m gonna buy it after. Anyway, the reason I really wanted to buy it and still want is that 10 years ago, my doctors told me I wasn’t gonna be able to get pregnant naturally. 4 years ago they confirmed me I have PCOS and they told me to get hormonal treatment. I said no. I educated myself on everything I could do to change my situation and while doing that I found your Instagram years ago. I started doing your recipes, discovered your shakes, listen to everything you say, and bought the 7-day plan. During this years I’ve been able to have a regular pain free period, had my mood change, loose weight when working out, I’ve really seen my body change and ended up with no cysts in my ovaries (which my doctors still don’t understand) and after trying for some months I got pregnant in October naturally. My blood test has been better than ever this time and knowing I had PCOS my midwife told me I was going to have Gestational Diabetes for sure… Well, guess what: not even close to having it. So yes… You also helped me. Been meaning to write to you: THANK YOU! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing so much with us ♥️ Can’t wait to keep this journey going following your amazing tips ♥️” – Ana

“First impressions after just 4 days of the 6WP: – better transit (i am used to major constipation issues, despite taking psyllium and daily medicine.. ) took none since day 1 and I went everyday.. which is unbelievable in my case.. this is Over sharing sorry 🤭🤭!! – Less stomach bloating. – Better digestion. – And the cherry on the cake: I have a blocked artery in my left thigh, preventing blood circulation, and causing this thigh to be abnormally bigger than the other one ( pants feel tighter on that leg, major discomfort, heavy feeling on that leg…) .. well all of these so accustomed symptoms significantly decreased after day 2! At first, I didn’t wanna believe it.. but the more days pass the better it gets. And this is just MIRACULOUS! So I wanted to share the great news, and tell u that you are in my daily gratitude prayers… Can’t thank you enough..” – Houda

“Hello yalda!! I did the 7day plan for 1 week and then I started the 6 week plan, I’m on week 3 and till now I lost 5 kg!! I feel so good about myself!! I’m a bit confused about what sport to do and what not to do. Im walking almost everyday! I’m doing the intermittent fasting because I started with it on the 7day plan and it worked with me. Thank you for changing my life to the better ❤” – Jana

“I am pregnant !!!!! I don’t know how-really I have no idea how this happened. A miracle! I can’t tell you how thankful I am of your time and guidance. I really owe this to you and I couldn’t wait to share the news as soon as my test results came out positive. Thank you so much! The Eat Burn Sleep Method is the answer!!” – D.S.

“I lost 3.7kg in the first week of the 6 week Plan I feel clean and full of energy :)”

“Enjoying the plan! Following 1 week and down 6 pounds. Thank you so much!” – Nargiza

“I have been vegan for 5 years and over the time I had developed a very severe bloating and digestive irregularities. I found Yalda’s instagram last year and in June I purchased the 7 day plan. It was then when I decided to go back eating animal products and follow the eat burn sleep lifestyle. And for the first time in years the bloating started to go away. Needless to say that I now follow the 6 week plan and thanks to it I finally feel better.” – Tatiana

“I was going to wait until I completed the whole 6 week plan but I’m half way through and the results are really encouraging. I no longer feel permanently bloated, my cellulite has gone down a LOT and my workout/exercises results are visible after each session! It has been tough at times (cutting down portions to what your body actually needs!) but it’s such a realistic and attainable program that makes more and more sense as each day goes by! Looking forward for my next 3 weeks and hoping I can get rid of my Eczema – so far it looks promising.” – Luana

“The 6WP is a life changer! For 15 years, I had a difficult relationship with food, trying all the diets possible, starving myself, and gaining more weight a few months after. I lost 10kilos during the 6WP with no cravings and no more bloating. It changes everything to understand what is good for you instead of forbidding things with no reasons and frustrations. I really enjoy my new lifestyle and I know I will continue on this track. So thank you Yalda for everything!” – Hortense

“Hi, Yalda! I just finished the first week of your 6 weeks plan… and I lost 3,6 kilos!!! I was SO happy to see the number on the scale! I did a colonoscopy a bit more than a year ago, and I took a very bad amount of weight after it (around 10 kg when normally I would have taken 3/4 max)… and I felt that my body wasn’t « working » like before since then… so I decided to follow this week of « reset » of your plan and I feel much better so thank you” – Sam

 “I took my last omeprazole for acid reflux on Sunday before the plan. Never needed it since! And I have tried every other natural supplement under the sun, but it never worked!” – Sumaya

“I’m on week 3 and loving it. I’ve always been a healthy eater but your plan made me even more aware of my body and digestion. I suffered with bloating a few weeks ago because I was eating too many fruits and now it’s completely gone! Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work and research with us!”- Anne

“The little things can actually be great changes in one’s life and just a few changes given by the Eat Burn Sleep 6-week plan has really done a tremendous change for me, my bloating has not disappeared but it has definitely reduced to a minimum, hopefully, it will progress this way for the future. I haven’t done much in terms of the many recipes such as lunch and dinner, but the breakfast recipes have been fun and filling, and been using the hand proportion for meals has been the easiest![..] On the whole, it’s been a great mind reset. Thank you for this tremendous help you have provided us!” – Raya

 “I have been following the plan to a T (99%) and am so happy with the results. I’m on week 2 now and am losing weight steadily and am bloat-free for the first time in many, many years.” – Sarah

“I’m starting my week 3 feeling much energised and less bloated already. Thanks so much for your advices and live videos information are really interesting.”- Stefany

“It has helped me to stop eating only the leftovers on the plates of my children and focus on me. I have been eating incomplete meals for five years despite also having studied nutrition at CNM. The plan gave me structure and love that I am the same age as Yalda, so certainly, she’s an inspiration.[] I do feel lighter and certainly less bloated.[] The plan is great!” – Julieta

 “I started the 6WP about 9 weeks ago mainly because I believe by improving my gut health I might win my 7 year struggle with Alopecia Areata. Over the years I’ve tried every medical and natural remedy I could get my hands on but nothing worked. Finally now on the 6WP 2 of my 3 large patches have started to show signs of regrowth. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Yalda and this plan. Hair loss as a woman is so demoralizing and so emotionally draining. Now that I feel better on the inside and starting to look it on the outside, I’m even more motivated to keep going with the plan.” – Karma

“Thank you so much Yalda! My mum and I are enjoying the plan so much and are feeling a lot better, my parents even says my skin colour is much better than before! My flares aren’t as bad as before either, you have given me so much hope, thank you! And I absolutely love these Monday lives, they’re so helpful and supportive!”- Lillian

“I went out to dinner with friends. […] We ordered pizza and pasta. I ate one small slice of pizza and literally two tablespoons of the El Forno Pasta. My stomach actually told me when I had enough and I knew how to portion out my food on a cheat. Usually, I would have devoured at least half a pizza and half the bowl of pasta with no sense of understanding but I knew when I had enough and I was comfortable and didn’t bloat on this meal. Later we went to a dessert place and[…] I was so comfortable not having dessert and was actually not craving the sugar at all! […]. I’ve also gone down from 85.1 to 78.3 in 7 weeks. Keeping strong and going for another 6 weeks” – Sarah

“Yalda’s plan is by far the truest well constructed and researched modern-day health plan I’ve ever tried. Not only did I feel amazing throughout the plan, but I also ate a varied diet whilst losing weight and gaining clarity of the true effects food has on your body.” – Sarah G.

“I am on week 4 of the plan, I lost 10lb and feel amazing” – Pina

“Never enjoyed eating healthy more! Your plan put me in a state of mind that I missed and didn’t know how to go back to! So a huge thank you Yalda!” – Nahed

“I have Sjogren’s which can bring on RA… I’m on my second week and I feel amazing” – Tammy

“I have osteoarthritis and the plan had definitely helped to ease the swelling, pain, and inflammation!” – Adelaide

“I have RA and the plan works for it. I’m off my medication now and feel great!” – Iulia

“I am on my 6th week of the plan. I have lost 12lbs and feel much better. I see the inflammation has gone away and I have more energy. Love all IGTV video. They are inspiring and cover all aspects of life. I have now become so accustomed to the eating plan that it is less stressful to prepare food.” – Pina

“My skin looks better and I feel less bloated. My body started recognizing what is good for me and what is not!” – Karima

“Yalda’s plan has been a Godsend for me, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis just over a year ago & now having done the 6-week plan and turning it into a lifestyle change: the results I have seen are no sign of a flare-up, digesting food better. Completely lowered my inflammation and lost about 9 kg in 10 weeks. I am so much happier and feeling good about myself in all areas of life! Thank you Yalda & Eat Burn sleep. I will praise you throughout my whole life!!!!” – Lillian

“I’m in week 4. Since I started the plan my acid reflux symptoms have reduced a lot and my skin is really glowing! I have enjoyed the complete change in lifestyle, being a lot more conscious about what I eat, and especially discovering other ways to enjoy food without feeling like I’m missing too much. I’d like to thank Yalda for sharing her knowledge with us and inspire us all to be and feel better.” – Daniela

“I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in March 2020. I have been really struggling to understand what I can do to support my body besides medication. Yalda’s plan has really been a great resource for me. I learned not only to focus on food but also on exercise and mental health. Her holistic approach really helped me understand how I can globally treat my disease and what can impact it positively and negatively. I am still under limited medication but I can really feel this lifestyle supports my body’s recovery. I am now conscious of the choices I make and their impact on my body. The plan can seem a bit restrictive at first but with time we understand that it just highlights what is best for the body and what to reduce to a minimum (nothing is forbidden). I recommend taking the yearly offer as it allows us to keep on learning in the long run. Thank you Yalda! Keep up with your great work!” – Lily

“I wanted to say thank you very much, I’m so happy I started the 6-week plan. I had Crohn’s disease for the past 20 years, it has been very hard so many medicines and infusions (I’m on one now), lots of pain and cramps, bloating and I could not eat before 2 pm otherwise I will be suffering, lots of bathroom accidents, my travelings had to be calculated according to my flare-ups. Fast forward six weeks – I have zero cramps, no more bloating, no more accidents, I have more energy, my skin feels so good, I eat exactly like the plan says and I have no cravings. As a bonus and a big one that is, I have lost 20lbs (10 kilos). Thank you, thank you very much. This will be my new way of life now and I love it.” – Dalal

“I really have started to feel better even though I have not followed 100 percent. I am now following the plan all the time.” – Jacqueline

“I am on week 1 and already feeling great. I am now able to sustain my energy throughout the day, and feeling so much lighter since I started the plan. Also, I am not bloated for the first time in a long time. Thanks, Yalda” – Lay

“I cannot thank you enough Yalda! The EBS lifestyle has worked so well for me. It has improved my PCOS related sugar issues and I do not feel as tired all the time anymore. In addition, I lost quite a lot of weight easily without having the impression I am following a diet. I love the workouts from the platform. The anti-inflammatory movements suit my body much more than the gym. Thank you so much!! This lifestyle is amazing.” – Laure

“I am in week 5 now and feel great! I am better able to wake up in the mornings and I feel light throughout the day! I have lost 2kg not even paying attention to it as this was not my goal.” – Aiman

“Hi Yalda, I would like to thank you for the excellent work you have made. I caught a parasite a few months ago and it completely destroyed my digestive system, I also have an adrenal insufficiency and thyroid problems. I was lost and there was no doctor to help me. One of my good friends recommended me your plan and it helped me so much to reduce the inflammation and the IBS crisis I was suffering from due to the parasite. I’m still on the plan and following all your posts and recipes. Thank you so much” – Laure

“Wow, major difference since I follow your plan. My cramps on the 2 first days of my period are way more bearable. Still have some, but can handle it without drugs and also don’t need to stay in bed a whole day […] it’s way better. Thanks!” – Shaïnece

“I absolutely love your plan. Your plan has changed my life, I’ve always had a bloated stomach all my life, I never knew what a normal flat tummy was, I tried all kinds of diets and nothing used to work and finally, my life has changed. I feel better in my own skin, in my clothes, in my head. Thank you and keep spreading your knowledge and love. Thank you Yalda!!” – Anouchka

“I was desperate because I had been plant-based for 2 years, also failing before that, starving at all times until I came across your plan and decided to try it as I’m Mediterranean also. I don’t really like animal proteins so I focussed on eggs and I must say I feel so much better, I didn’t need to lose weight, just to get thinner in certain areas and it worked!! I feel calm, prettier, and healthier and not hungry anymore. I’m very analytical so when people explain the rationale with a smart brain, always resonates! Thank you!” – Aurelie

“I have worried about my weight for over 30 years. Thousands of pounds spent trying to find a way to lose it. So grateful for your work. The plan is hands down the best thing I have ever tried for my body. Began in March, 3 stones lost which were gained slowly over 20 years. More to lose but it will go without me worrying about it.” – Nicola

“How I love Yalda’s exercise routines!! All of them!! They’re exactly right in terms of length and difficulty, which means it’s a pleasure to get on the mat! Just for them, it’s worth subscribing to EBS! Thank you, Yalda!” – Pascale

“I’ve been following the EBS lifestyle for almost 3 months. I’ve just had blood work done and my HDL, Vitamin D3, Iron, and Ferritin are finally above average after running low for years! My vitamin D3 levels went from 14 to 43! Thank you Yalda and the amazing EBS team!” – Aline

“I’ve been on the plan for almost 5 months now. Always had super low vitamin D, I did a blood test last week and my vitamin D is 85 vs historical 15 and zero supplements.” – Mirna

“I am now 37.5 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes last week. I am testing my blood sugars after every meal. I have followed your plan for 4 days this week and have not had one bad glucose reading, and my consultant has told me I do not need to go on medication. […] I am so glad I know the plan and will continue until birth” – T.L.

How has the plan helped you?