The 6 Week Plan - EBS

The 6 Week Plan

A new lifestyle plan unlike any other

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Simple, tasty recipes 

  • Simple, step-by-step recipes 
  • How to adapt for the whole family and friends
  • Lunch boxes options
  • Guide on eating out and treats

Mental wellness coaching

  • Emotional eating management
  • Magical meditation routine for your goals
  • Rewiring your subconscious to better habits
  • Stress management for a healthy body + mind

Full eating guidelines

  • What you can eat, what to avoid  
  • Explained meal portions
  • Top tips to maximise results
  • Specialised advice on specific health issues
  • The science behind Yalda’s method

Online support 

  • Exclusive access to plan for 7 weeks (you have one week to start it, and 6 weeks on the plan)
  • Weekly emails to support you
  • Science and nutrition facts for your better understanding
  • Access to the 6-week plan private Facebook group

Exercise guides

  •  3 low-inflammation workout series
  • Effective yet simple workouts for home and the gym 
  • Optimal body composition advice
  • Advice on link between exercise and gut health 


Benefits of the plan

During the 6-week plan and after, your body composition will improve, good anti-inflammatory habits will become second nature and you will learn to think and exercise in a low-inflammation, happy gut and happy mind way. People will be commenting on your new glow, you will have more energy, better mental clarity, more regularity in your digestion, and a reduction of your symptoms if your body is inflamed. 

The EBS lifestyle isn’t about perfection but about damage limitation and how you can reach optimum health with your nutrition, body and mind.

Weight loss

Improved gut health

Reduced body inflammation

Mental wellness

Glowing skin!

Ability to socialise but stay healthy!

About Yalda

Yalda has always been interested in health. However, it is her own health journey and the diagnosis in 2007 of two auto-immune diseases – Ulcerative Colitis and Auto-Immune Haemolytic Anaemia- that made her begin to extensively research nutrition and health. A ten-year period of research and recovery lead her to share her knowledge and making a full career change.

Over nearly a decade she saw numerous specialists for her two autoimmune conditions, as well as nutritionists, naturopaths and holistic doctors in the US, Europe and Asia. She spent a lot of time, money and energy trying to find a solution to begin to feel healthy again.

During her research, she began to understand that the key factor in many non-communicable diseases is inflammation and, as a consequence, also gut health. This motivated her to develop a diet and lifestyle to combat this.

After many years of trial and error, she finally managed to keep herself in remission and live a normal life again.

As a result of this success and her passion for health, Yalda decided to share her knowledge and help more people. In 2018 Eat Burn Sleep was born.

Yalda is passionate about helping people. The numerous regular testimonials on her social media platforms lead her to sharing more, and creating the 6-week plan. She is a firm believer that the way one looks on the outside is a reflection of how good healthy one is on the inside. Her method has helped thousands of people be the best version of themselves, mentally, physically and emotionally. The mind, the body and the gut are connected, hence the Eat Burn Sleep approach is all encompassing.

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